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Dr Martin Saweirs

Dr Martin Saweirs is a friendly and experienced private General Practitioner (GP) consulting at 27 Harley Street.

Healthcare can be a minefield to navigate, especially when you are feeling unwell and time is of the essence. Dr Martin takes great pride in his brand of straightforward, comprehensive and approachable medicine, and it is something his patients value too. One of the cornerstones of his practice is building lasting relationships with his patients – like an old-fashioned GP he really gets to know you. This genuine continuity of care allows you to get the most out of each and every appointment. Gone are the days of seeing a doctor once, and never again.

Another stand-out aspect of his practice is speed of access. As a GP, Dr Martin knows that when you need an appointment, often it is needed soon. He can be contacted quickly and appointments can be arranged same-day. Furthermore, he has an excellent network of top specialists to assure any necessary onward referrals are also dealt with swiftly and to the highest standards.

As a GP, Dr Martin sees people with any and every ailment. He has a particular interest in cardiovascular health, mental health and health screening. He’s a passionate believer in treating the person, not just the symptoms. Doctors have guidelines for nearly everything, but medicine is rarely one-size-fits-all and as no two people are the same no two treatment plans are either.

No matter whether your concern is big or small, simple or complex, Dr Martin will help you get to the root of the issue and back to good health.


  • General Practice
  • Cardiology
  • Mental Health
  • Health Screening

For more information about Dr Martin Saweirs, the services he offers, and to book online 24 hours a day, visit drmartingp.com

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MRCGP, MBChB, BSc (Hons.), PG Dip Derm