Dr Nat Padhiar

Dr Nat Padhiar

Dr. Nat Padhiar is a renowned Consultant Podiatric Surgeon, Honorary Reader and Chartered Scientist.

Nat Padhiar was appointed Consultant Podiatric Surgeon at The Royal London Hospital between 1991-2011. He has a private practice at London SportsCare, The London Independent Hospital and European SportsCare, 27 & 68 Harley Street, London.





  • Biomechanics Analysis
  • Foot and Ankle Problems
  • Podiatry

Secretary Information

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Number: 0208 504 4546

Languages spoken

  • English



He is Honorary Reader, Internal Examiner, Co-course leader and Module Leader in the Centre for Sports & Exercise Medicine (CSEM), William Harvey Research Institute, St Bartholomew’s and the Royal London School of the Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary, and London University. In the last 2 decades he has supervised over 150 research projects submitted by MSc and iBSc students in Sports and Exercise Medicine.

Nat Padhiar was part of Medical Service Team, the Clinical Lead and Team Leader for Podiatry at The London 2012 Olympic Games and was based in the Polyclinic, Olympic Village in Stratford for the entire period of Olympic & Paralympic Games 2012.

Nat holds membership of various surgical and Sports Exercise institutions, is on the Editorial Board of the Sports Medicine section of the online medical journal Grand Rounds and is also on the review panel for SEM and Foot Surgery journals.

Nat Padhiar is a keen sportsman continuing to play cricket, tennis and taking part in endurance sport (34 marathons). He has represented Uganda School boys at cricket. In his professional capacity he has been part of the medical team and has attended World Student Games (1991), Commonwealth Games (2002), Island Games (2003), Everest Marathon (1993,1995), Mongolian Sunrise to Sunset Marathon (2001-2003), Daily Telegraph/British Brain & Spine Foundation London Marathon Team (1999-2007), London Triathlon (2005) and London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games (2012).