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Mr George Fayad

Mr George Fayad is a consultant ear nose and throat (ENT) surgeon, having had extensive training in both Europe and the USA in endoscopy, laser surgery and paediatric ENT.

Mr Fayad’s expertise covers a wide range of conditions including the treatment of snoring and sleep disorders, vertigo and balance problems as well as other conditions of the ear, nose and throat in both adults and children.

George Fayad is lead Rhinologist and Chairman of the ENT department at Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, where he also runs the allergy clinic. Here he has set up the one of the first multidisciplinary units in the UK and introduced a combined clinic for patients suffering from a combination of nasal polyps, allergy and asthma.

Mr Fayad has pioneered the Breathe titanium nose implant which is a breakthrough in nose surgery for patients with nasal valve collapse. Mr Fayad performed the first operation of this kind in the UK in May 2009, and the first at Spire Hartswood Hospital in January 2010. The implant is used to open up the nasal valve and improve the patient’s breathing. Before the Breathe implant was developed, the main treatment was to wear “Breathe-Right” strips over the nose to keep the valve open.

Another new procedure offered by Mr Fayad for the first time in 2009 was the “incision-free pinnaplasty” (ear pinning for patients with prominent ears). This doesn’t just have cosmetic benefits by eliminating the scar normally associated with this operation, but also reduces the risk of infection and promotes fast skin repair following surgery.

Mr Fayad has also been involved in many research and audit projects, ranging from nasal problems during pregnancy, to new treatments for snoring. He has also been researching a cure to nasal allergic polyps and asthma.


  • Snoring and Sleep Disorders
  • Vertigo and Balance
  • Allergies

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